Monday, December 13, 2010

Student Testimonial - Terrisa Fa'avae

“If I hadn’t done this course, I wouldn’t be where I am now”

Speaking to Terrisa, it’s clear that she’s a shrewd woman. She recognised that getting a PC and the skills to use it were vital in equipping her and her sons for the Digital Economy – but she’s gone further than that…

Terrisa is now the treasurer of her local Community group; and is also planning to return to full time education when her sons are a bit older. These ambitions are possible because of the Computers in Homes course that was offered at the Porirua RSA.

After successfully completing the Computers in Homes programme and going on to complete further training through the Stepping UP programme, Terrisa can confidently use the Internet, Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and in her own words, she uses the “computer for everything -it’s all at my fingertips!”

Her sons are also making good use of the PC – but only for school work, as mum is strict with their computer time. Her trust computer also came with an internet security program , which protects the family from any Internet nasties that may be lurking, giving mum peace of mind.

The environment at the Porirua RSA was also a huge incentive for Terrisa. Terrisa says the timing of the classes, the location and also her tutor’s warm and professional approach made a huge difference to her. She is now confident that she can use the computer and the internet for whatever SHE wants.

“If I hadn’t come on this course I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m prepared to return to work, empowered and more confident. I now have a choice in life in terms of jobs. I went up to 7th form and didn’t have the confidence to continue. I now tell my kids – stick with school so that you can choose your job and your job doesn’t choose you.”

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