Saturday, June 18, 2011

Student Testimonial - Aime Masters

“It’s like a whole new world at your fingertips!”

Aime Masters has a personality that lights up the room when she talks to you. She is an enthusiastic and positive mother who enrolled on the Computers in Home programme because she realised there was an urgent need to improve her computer skills.

Aime knew that the computer skills she would get from the course; being able to use Microsoft Office and the Internet, would open up huge opportunities for her, not just for seeking work, but also at home. As a mum, being able to help her daughter with her school work (and Aime to keep up with her daughters computer skills) was invaluable!

The computer skills Aime’s learnt from the course have also helped her develop creative skills - for instance she now regularly uses Microsoft Office to design birthday cards and invitations for friends and families.

Talking to Aime today, the thing that really comes through is that for her, to be able to come to the RSA building in Porirua once a week for ten weeks, and finding an encouraging and supportive family orientated environment was crucial to pick up her education and boost her confidence.

And once she has started to grow these skills, you get the impression that nothing will stop her tapping into the wealth of opportunities that the Digital Economy offers.

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