Thursday, April 12, 2012

Student Testimonial - Penny Young

My name is Penny Young, and I took this great opportunity to attend this computer course to help myself learn a range of skill’s pertaining to the computer. I am very grateful to Computer in Homes' for giving me this fantastic opportunity to learn a variety of things, while I have no children at home, I do have my 12yr old grandson stay with me often, he has several disabilities, and has a challenging life, he is very much in to anything electrical, and I felt if I was skilled enough to find myself operating a computer, I would be able to share knowledge with Tane.

Tim Findlay; Remarkit Solutions and Penny Young -
CiH Graduation 11 April 2012
Also I have been out of the workforce for a few years due to any injury, and I have to change career paths, and needed to do a refresher as well as learn skills with the computer to be able to re-enter the work force, this course has given me a great start to help me accomplish this, and to be able to access all kinds of sites to help my grandson and other family members.

Having a computer at home is going to help broaden my knowledge in lots of aspects, and it’s going to be beneficial to my family. I was anxious at the start of the course, I guess the unknown was frightful, but with the guidance and support of my tutor, I found I soon had the confidence to continue.

Also having the support of class members to help was a great feeling, especially Annie Patelesio, who with a lot patience and encouragement and support each week kept me feeling able to pursue this sometimes challenging work.

I have found the 10 weeks has flown by and I would like to thank all the tutors that have helped us accomplish this and am so proud of myself for finishing the course. I especially enjoyed learning about power point, how to make cards, I knew how to use the internet to access emails, send emails and go on Facebook and Hotmail.

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